Dog Slimming and Weight Control

We dog lovers are always keen to ensure our canine friend’s have the best of everything.

The best training, the best diet, the best health treatments, the best toys…the best we can give them no matter what.

dog slimming and dog weight advice

Recognising the importance of our individual dog’s specific nutritional requirements in relation to their maintaining a healthy weight is what this website is all about.

At Dog Weight, all we’re interested in is giving simple, informative and practical advice on tips on keeping your dog in the absolute tip top of health.

We have contributors from all areas of the canine industry who will provide their insight in to dog weight and the latest on canine nutrition.

As our dogs increasingly face an obesity epidemic which brings with it problems such as early death, diabetes and general suffering, it’s never been more important to remain connected with the most up to date dog feeding and health articles from the people who know.

Dog Weight Advice & Tips: