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The Importance of Choosing The Right Diet for Your Dog

Choosing the Correct Diet For Your Dog
By Fiona Campbell, Nutrition Expert at Burns Pet Nutrition

Read the label!
This is the best advice when looking for the correct food for your dog.

Firstly you should compare daily feeding costs. A good quality diet without bulking ingredients or cheap fillers will recommend very low feeding amounts. Low feeding amounts mean your dog produces less stools and it is more economical for the owner.

Secondly it is recommended that you look at the ingredient list. Avoid brands which state vague ingredients such as ‘meat and animal derivatives’ and ‘cereals’. These vague ingredient descriptions allow the manufacturer to change the ingredients depending on what items are cheapest each season. A good quality diet will name the ingredients and will keep the recipe the same. This helps to avoid digestive upsets and is better for dogs which suffer from food allergies and intolerances.

Thirdly avoid dog foods which contain coloured pieces. Red, yellow and green colourings may look appealing to the owner but these E numbers can affect dogs the same way as they affect children. Owners should also avoid diets with added sugar (glucose or caramel) and chemical preservatives. Naturally preserved pet foods usually use vitamin E to stop the food going rancid. Other pet foods use chemicals such as BHA, BHT and Ethoxyquin which are thought to be detrimental to health. These are often labelled as ‘EC permitted additives’.

And lastly look at the levels of protein and fat (labelled as oil) in the food. Diets which contain high levels of protein and fat may contribute to weight gain and possibly hyperactivity. Too much protein and fat during growth can result in skeletal problems e.g. hip dysplasia especially in larger breeds so more is not necessarily better.


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