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Human Diets Cause Weight Problems in Dogs

You may know….

9 million people in the UK suffer from joint problems, 44% of men and35% of women in the UK are overweight

But did you know….

40% of the UK’s large breed dogs live with joint problems too
Similar to the human population, up to 50% of the UK’s pets are overweight
To a dog, one human biscuit has the same calorie equivalent as a whole packet

Britain may be a nation of dog lovers, but new research from a pet food company shows that over a quarter of dog owners are unaware that common dog sensitivities such as putting on weight or sensitive skin can be helped by a change in diet.

The research shows just how much owners love their pets and care about their nutritional wellbeing.

owever, all admit they still can’t resist slipping them the odd naughty human treat:

Scraps from a plate – 43%
Home made gravy for dinner – 23%
One of your biscuits – 21%
A homemade meal – 13%
A bite of your chocolate– 13%

The findings point towards the emergence of a new ‘mirrored-diet syndrome’, when many owners and pets share the same health sensitivity problems, concerns and predispositions.

For example, 30% of owners admit obesity is a big pet health worry, 28% fear arthritis will also affect their dog, whilst a sensitive stomach can be a problem for both man and beast.

My name is Jasmine Kleine. I am a qualified vet nurse and a passionate animal advocate. I write professionally about pets and animal health.

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