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Quick Tips on Dog Food Safety

Check the colour and odour of your dog's meat. Whatever type (fresh or defrosted frozen), it should be moderately bright in colour. It should not appear darkened, black or crusty. Nor should the meat appear weakly coloured, or look as though food colouring had been added, making it artificially red. Place the meat on a dish and check the "blood" collected at the bottom. The meat should be richly dark in colour with an invitingly fresh scent, not rancid of odour. If the meat you feed does not meet these standards, find another brand.

Simply because a canned food is expensive does not necessarily mean it is good. Meat should be palatable and nutritious. Some readily available products have little nutritional value. Foods that look palatable to you, and that your dog relishes, are not always the best to feed. Some of these canned products list, for example, carrots, peas and corn, which unprocessed are completely not digestible.

Cooked or raw, these vegetables exit your dog's system in the same recognizable form by which they entered. Also try to avoid those cans that have a high amount of cereal content, artificial food colouring and water. Some canned foods are approximately 70% water! This narrows your choice on your grocer's shelf. Generally select the commercially prepared foods packaged by reputable companies which are available nationwide.

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