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What Age Can Dogs Start Jogging?

Young puppies are still developing physically, so strenuous or exhaustive exercise is out. However jogging with a dog is a great way to keep owner and animal in tip top shape.

What Age Can I Start Jogging With My Dog?

Generally, dogs are able to run for longer periods after the age of 7 months old.

Ideally you should speak with your vet and have your dog health checked.

For your dog to start jogging they’ll need firm pads, this will come as they do more roadwork.

When jogging with your dog you should never let them run free if you intend to go to near busy roads, similarly it’s always advisable to be extra vigilant early on with a dog new to jogging to ensure they are comfortable at the pace you intend to jog.

My name is Jasmine Kleine. I am a qualified vet nurse and a passionate animal advocate. I write professionally about pets and animal health.

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